Toppenkurset Online

Toppenkurset is happy to have the possibility to organize Toppenkurset Online, with support from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat! In 2020, 2021 and 2022 we have managed to stay in touch with our friends from all over the world, through digital platforms.

As part of Toppenkurset Online, several concerts are made publicly available for participants. Enjoy!

Dream concert – Vefsn Unge Strykere 25 years

Vefsn Unge Strykere is the organizer of Toppenkurset, and one of three owners of Festspillene Helgeland. In november 2022 they celebrated their 25 year anniversary with a “Dream concert” in Mosjøen Culture House. With both current and former members on the stage, the string orchestra presented a marvelous concert within a large variety of genres. This concert was sponsored by De Unges Orkesterforbund, Frifond and the Barents Secretariat.

Lecture in physiology – Toppenkurset Online 2022

As part of Toppenkurset Online 2022, Elisabeth Turmo and Bjørn Hegstad has put together a video lecture in physiology for musicians. They are both professional musicians and active as teachers in physiology and health for musicians. This video will give you an introduction into how to understand your body and use it properly when playing music.

The Planets – Toppensymfonikerne – Festspillene Helgeland 2022

The Planets by Gustav Holst was the piece that Toppensymfonikerne, under the baton of Nicholas Carthy, worked with during Toppenkurset. At the final concert of Festspillene Helgeland 2022 this marvelous work was played, to great response from an enthusiastic audience!

Mosjøen in Motion – Festspillene Helgeland 2022

At the opening of Festspillene Helgeland, the ballet “Mosjøen in Motion”, with choreography by Ada Einmo for trucks, lifts, ballet dancer and orchestra was performed. Helgeland Sinfonietta and Vefsn-Ensemblet with conductor Nicholas Carthy was on the stage, with violin soloist Elisabeth Turmo. Machine drivers from the local entrepreneurs Entreprenør Sten Turmo AS, Trond Tverå AS, CRAMO AS and Elmar Svendsen AS was the dancers with their machines, while the solo ballet dancer Emilie Lawrence contributed with high lifted virtuosic dance. The city square was packed with an enthusiastic audience.

Fimbulvinteren – Opening performance – Festspillene Helgeland 2021

The opening performance of Festspillene Helgeland 2021 was the premiere of composer Raymond Enoksen’s work “Fimbulvinteren”. It is performed by Kari Kleiven, Helgeland Sinfonietta, VocalArt, Rikke Anett Lund, with video art by Simen Nyland and Ronny Steffensen. The performance is conducted by Nicholas Carthy.

Quatuor pour la fin du temps – Festspillene Helgeland 2021

The “Quatuor pour la fin du temps” by composer Olivier Messiaen was performed during Festspillene Helgeland, by the young and excellent musicians Siril Valberg (piano), Tor Alvin Wika (violin), Johannes Borchgrevink (cello) and Kariann Svensson (clarinet).

NO TIME FOR BEING – Ensemble SINK – Festspillene Helgeland 2021

The new multi-art piece written by bitterfoyn for the experimental Ensemble SINK is out! Made in a collaboration with the virtuoso Norwegian horn player Nora Hannisdal, the piece captures the audience in a thrilling and all-encompassing atmosphere. The room transforms with the visual art, time stretches with the music, and our focus awakens with words. Performers: Nora Hannisdal (horn), Kristin Føyn Føyen (vibraphone), Malene Fosli Flataker (trumpet), Didrik Føyn Føyen (trombone and piano), Andreas Fossum (trumpet and flügelhorn).

Lunch concert – Festspillene Helgeland 2021

Here is one of the three lunch concerts during Festspillene Helgeland 2021. This is with teachers from Toppenkurset. We can hear the famous Trio no Treble performing a new piece called “Måkeskriksonaten” by Bertil Palmar Johansen. And the second half of the concert is the marvelous first movement from the “Souvenir de Florence” by Tchaikovsky.

Toppensymfonikerne – Festspillene Helgeland 2021

Toppensymfonikerne, with soloist Daniel Noll and conductor Nicholas Carthy, is giving the final concert of Festspillene Helgeland 2021. On the program is:

  • Die Moldau by Bedrich Smetana
  • Harpekonsert in C major by François-Adrien Boieldieu
  • Symfoni No 8 by Antonin Dvorak

Vaapstenjeanoe – Jan Gunnar Hoff – Helgeland Sinfonietta

The reknown pianist and composer Jan Gunnar Hoff has written the piece “Vaapstenjeanoe – The river” for piano, trumpet, double bass, string orchestra and percussions. It was premiered at the Festspillene Helgeland 2020, and this recording is from a performance on October 1st on Smeltedigelen Music Festival.