Toppenkurset Online

Toppenkurset is happy to announce that we can invite to an online and international music course in November 2020! With great support from the Barents Secretariat we can invite young musicians from Russia, Norway and other countries to “Toppenkurset Online”. 

We will offer individual lessons, chamber music lessons and conducting classes, through online platforms, with teachers from the Toppenkurset collegium. On November 8th and 29th, the participants will meet for online conferences on orchestra development, social relations and networking across borders. And to still manage to play together, we will make a “Quarantine orchestra” video of the overture from “The Gadfly” by Dmitri Shostakovich, with all participants, which will be presented on Toppenkurset Online’s last day. 

Toppenkurset Online is free of charge for all participants. As a participant, one takes part in all activities of the course, both the lessons, the conference and the video. 

In these difficult times, we are grateful that we can manage to still make music together, and strengthen the friendships and connections between musicians in different countries. 


November 8th – conference part 1
November 29th – conference part 2
November 13th – Deadline for quarantine orchestra video
November 2nd – 6th – Lessons
November 9th – 12th – Lessons

October 20th – Deadline for applications

Application form

There is a limited number of places, so we reserve the opportunity to prioritize within the applicants.

Teachers (to be completed)

Conducting: Nicholas Carthy
Violin: Terje Moe Hansen, Tor Alvin Wika, Trond Wika, Carl Ninian Wika
Viola: Gunnhild Nordahl
Cello: Eivind Rossbach Heier
Double bass: Jostein Bolås Brødreskift
Woodwinds: Ole Kristoffersen
Brass: Roar Minde Fagerli and Kari Knardahl
Piano: Franziska Wika

Application form

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
+47 98803857

“The Gadfly” – Quarantine Orchestra Video

All participants at Toppenkurset are welcome to send their recording of their part from the overture of “The Gadfly” by Shostakovich!

Some information:

In this Dropbox-folder you will find the sheet music, the recording with click-track that everyone MUST use, and a small introduction video of how you should record and upload the piece.


Small summary of the introduction video:

–        Print the music or use a tablet.
–        Have two digital devices available. One device to film yourself and your instrument, and one device for listening to the click-track recording.
–        Use headset/earplugs when recording, not a speaker!
–        Use for sending your recording to:
–        Deadline for sending the recording is on Friday the 13th of November at 11.59pm (Norwegian time GMT+1)
–        Good luck!

If you have any technical questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Eivind!