The course 2024

For the 24nd time the summer music academy Toppenkurset invites children and young musicias from all over the world to Mosjøen in northern Norway. This summer’s course lasts is from the 30th of june the 7th of July. Note that the different courses have different course dates.

The Toppenkurset is a part of the festival Festspillene Helgeland, a festival that joins several artistic disciplines, and the artistic profile for 2023 is “Connections”. Follow us for news on repertoire and concert throughout the winter and spring!

At the Toppenkurset there are five main classes: organ class, piano class, junior string orchestra, youth string orchestra and symphony orchestra. In addition one can also sign up for electional classes such as chamber orchestra, chamber music, master classes, music theory and conducting. It is also possible to apply for conducting, where one individual will get to conduct some of our ensembles at the course, and will get supervision from our chief conductor Nicholas Carthy.

The participants can sign up for individual lessons with our skilled teachers. For the younges participants there will be a mix of playing in the orchestra, individual lessons, theory and time to play. We encourage that young participants travel with a guardian. There are many exciting experiences for big and small during the festival Festspillene Helgeland. We can promise a week filled with memorable moments!

Together with Kirkemusikksenter i Nord (church music centre north) we offer the organ class that focuses on organ in ensemble. The participants will get a chance to play in chamber ensembles or be a soloist with a chamber orchestra. They will get individual teaching from skilled teachers and many opportunities to perform in concerts.

For the pianists there will be individual lessons every day, playing in groups, improvisation, and also masterclasses and possibilities to play in chamber groups. The participants will also get to try their hands on the church organ.

Course dates:

Organ class: 1st – 5th of July; piano class: 30th of June – 5th of July; junior and youth orchestra: 30th of june – 7th July; symphony orchestra 30th – 7th of July.